New article published
Findings from the feasibility study at age 21-23 years have been published as part of an invited review of DASH

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Kings Logo.png DASH study findings presented at Kings College London
Ethnic differences in childhood overweight and blood pressure could present risks for diabetes and vascular disease in adulthood.

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GraphRacism.JPG DASH reports educational success despite racism and deprivation
Racism and deprivation is still a common experience for young people from ethnic minorities, yet despite this, high proportions are gaining a degree.

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Heron-logo-2014.jpg DASH participants report racism as a common experience
Earlier this year DASH researchers presented our findings on racism - what does this mean for mental health?

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Young People: DASH Findings

Around 6,500 students across 10 boroughs completed questionnaires on their home and neighbourhood environment, health behaviours, mental wellbeing and social support. Participants also had their height, weight, lung function and blood pressure measured. This is an enormous contribution to the study of differences in health among young people from different ethnic groups and backgrounds.

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Future aspirations